Kurt Angle Reveals Favorite Match Against The Rock, Why Fans Didn’t Like His Debut

Kurt Angle

Photo Credit: WWE

Kurt Angle recently did another Facebook Q&A where he took questions from fans. This time around he discussed his rivalry against The Rock, why fans didn’t enjoy his debut match, and what match shaped his character inside the ring.

His favorite match against The Rock:

Obviously, when I beat him for the world title in 2000. Dwayne was easily the best athlete I ever got in the ring with. He sold like an MFer, too. Loved working with him.

Why his debut fell flat:

The fans respond to the wrestlers that they connect with, they didn’t know me. Took me a few months

What match shaped his character the most:

The match with Benoit at Royal Rumble 2003 put me on the map as the best wrestler in the biz at that time. That’s when things clicked and I proved how good I was. It took about 4 years to get to that level and I never looked back.

When he started amateur wrestling:

I started amateur wrestling in 7th grade. I broke my arm that year so 8th grade was my first whole season. I picked it up pretty quickly, too. Won many titles in that great sport.

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