Unblock-Us Urges Australian Customers To Keep Using DNS

Image: Twitter/Unblock-Us

Image: Twitter/Unblock-Us


With the launch of Netflix Australia now only a week away, offers and incentives from providers and competitors are starting to reach fever pitch.

The latest comes from Unblock-Us, who provide DNS services to Australian customers who want to bypass Netflix and other streaming services’ geo-blocking mechanisms.

In an email to existing customers, Unblock-Us said that when Netflix launches in Australia, customers will be offered an “initial estimated 1,300 titles”.

However, the email continues, “Why limit your entertainment because of geolocation when you can use the Unblock-Us Smart DNS service to gain access to the entire global Netflix library of over 15,000 streaming titles!”

Unblock-Us have encouraged users to watch out for an offer, coming soon.

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Currently, between 200,000 and 350,000 Australians access Netflix using Unblock-Us or similar DNS services – how many of these will change to the standard Australian Netflix is a topic of some debate.

While the use of DNS services to access overseas content is seen as a legal grey area, the Federal Government has stated that it does not consider the practice to be illegal.

Netflix launches in Australia on March 24.