People Actually Paid $25 To Get Drilled By Charging Bulls At An Oklahoma Rodeo

Charging Bull. Photo: © Tim Davis/Corbis/VCG (Getty)

Most people see a three-ton bull charging them and beeline it for  shelter. That, or stand there shitting their drawers in absolute fear collision. Our guess is neither would pay a dime for such an “opportunity.”

Well, that’s not how those who venture into the “Ring of Fear” at the Miami Rodeo in Oklahoma see it.

According to The Sun, several people (once again) paid $25 each to be intentionally obliterated by an enraged bull this year. Several of those brave souls/brainless morons were featured in the video below.


Apparently, whoever is left standing — or still has a pulse — at the end of the “game” goes home with the bulk of the entrance fees. That grand total? Somewhere around 100 bucks on most night is the going rate.

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Look, the most important thing to us in the “Ring of Fear” is the bull isn’t slaughtered at the end like a Spanish bullfight. We live in the United States of America. If somebody wants to drop cash on being gored or thrown several feet into the air by the beast, have at it. It’s not up to us to prevent such people from enjoying the “opportunity of a lifetime.”

However, we still reserve the right to donate zero dollars to any GoFundMe page looking to raise cash for any caskets or medicals bills arising from such events.