Mandatory Showdown: Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Creed’ vs. Scott Stapp’s Rock Band Creed

Though the Rocky franchise film Creed relies on hip-hop for its soundtrack, it’s rumored that Scott Stapp of the rock band Creed thought the film was a biopic about his band. We imagine he sat confused in the theater when Michael B. Jordan failed to ever pick up a guitar. Let’s put the band’s music in the ring with the movie and see which one hits harder.

Cover Photo: Warner Bros. & Rahav Segev (Getty Images)

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While technically these two tied, nothing can compete with the in-your-face energy of Creed’s music and musicians. They’re confused, past-their-prime rejects. The Rocky franchise is unmatched in terms of over-the-top longevity, but Creed is just one movie. Creed the band may never mount the stage the same way they did two decades ago, but we can still sing “With Arms Wide Open “ with our friends in the car, any day of the week.

Overall Winner: Creed (the band)

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