Two Georgia Middle School Teachers Get In Brutal Brawl

Photo: YouTube

Hey, it’s not only dumb students fighting each other in the classroom.

Since we usually see students getting into fights on video as numerous people yell “WorldStar” for some reason, it’s time to change it up a bit — now it’s two teachers. That’s right, folks. A teacher and a classroom paraprofessional were caught on camera exchanging fists inside a science class at Stone Mountain Middle School. Now that’s education.

In the video you can clearly see the two adults fighting while the students yell at them to stop. Yep, the students were actually more mature than the adults this time around.

“Everyone was screaming like stop, stop, stop,” one student said. While another student, Madison Hall, had this to say: “I really couldn’t believe it. Like I thought it was kids fighting and then found out it was teachers. It was just bad.”

Check out how bad it was below.

No surprise, but both women were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in a public space.

Here’s what the school had to say:

“The interaction and conduct in the video is completely unacceptable and contrary to our district’s tenets and core principles. Those staff members that participated in the conduct have been removed from the learning environment.”

Looks like that “learning environment” was a tad hands-on. According to some students school officials came into the classroom and went through students’ cellphones in order to delete any evidence of the fight.

“Nobody apologized they just came in and were like who videotaped this and stuff like that,” one student said. “I think they were trying to push it under the rug so nobody would know about it and the school’s reputation wouldn’t be messed up.”

Well they failed because now everyone knows.

h/t The Washington Post

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